Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sudramuni Sarala Das

Poet Sarla Das's Birth place was Kanakpur Patana ( near Jhankada- Pragana Of Cuttack District). He was an orphan child .So his childhood life was spent with his elder brother.His original name was Sidheswar Parida.After getting the bless of goddess Sarala , Sidheswar was renamed as Sarala Das.

There was a short story about Sarala Das in the essay book of Shyama sundar Rajguru.One day Sidheswar(poet Sarala) was working on the farm.At that time goddess Sarala arrived there and looking like an old woman and she was not able to walk.So Sidheswar stopped his work and told the old woman to introduce.The old woman told , she wanted to go to Jakshyapur village. But there was river Mahanadi, so she was unable to go through the river.But at that time Sidheswar was helped her (Goddess Sarala was sitting on the head of Sidheswar) and passed the river.So goddess Sarala blessed him to write Mahabharat in Odia.From that day Sidheswar renamed as poet Sarala Das.

There was more stories about Sarala Das's name. But in this case I had given only one story.

Sarala Dash was written five religious sriptures , such as

1) Chandi Puran
2) Bilanka Ramayan
3) Lakshmi Narayan Bachanika
4) Bichitra Ramayan
5) Maha bharat

1) Chandi Puran
In this scripture poet Sarala was written about goddess Chandi ( like Devi Durga). The main story goes to Mahisasur was killed by Devi Chandi.

2)Bilanka Ramayan
It was a story about Ravan , who had one thousand head. According to this story there was two sons of sage Bisraba. One is Dasanan( Ravan with ten head,the king of Lanka and another is Ravan with one thousand head , the king of Puskar Island. The language of Bilanka Ramayan is very simple. This story was mainly written about Devi Sita.

3)Lakshmi Narayan Bachanika
It was a short story, It was 79 lined story. It was about the story of Lakshmi and Narayan.

4) Bichitra Ramayan

It is a differant type of Ramayan was written by poet Sarala. It is not so popular because there are not so much books available.( you know Laba and Kusha the twin brother was borned at the time ,when Sita was staying near Sage Balmiki. But in this story it was said as the twin brother was borned at their Grand father's house near Mithila.)
5) Mahabharat
It was something differant from the Mahabharat written by Vedbyas.